The sovereignty of a state can be defined as the biggest independent power of the state, i.e. the independence of the state power from any other power that cannot be limited in any way. The part of the state sovereignty represents also its economic sovereignty. This thesis aims to analyse the transnational forms of economic cooperation that are transformed into the gradual sectoral integration, whereby the states loose their economic sovereignty and become economically dependent. The states are responsible for the economic development as well as for the international economic cooperation, as even the sovereign states cannot stay isolated in the current process of globalisation. The results of this thesis showed that in principle they are the international organisations that change the position of states and interfere with their legal, political, economic, social and cultural system. The mentioned results confirm the rising economic dependence of the states and of the Slovak Republic.

Autor: Daniela NOVÁČKOVÁ, Jana VNUKOVÁ

Vydanie: 2018/1     Strany: 67-76     Klasifikácia JEL: F15, F30, F31

Kľúčové slová: sovereignty, interdependence, transnationality, principles, globalisation, integration


Prof. JUDr.Daniela Nováčková,PhD.
ComeniusUniversity in Bratislava
Faculty of Management.
Odbojárov 10
820 06 Bratislava.
Slovak Republic

JUDr.Jana Vnuková
Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the EU
Avenue de Cortenbergh 107
1000, Brussels


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