The aim of this research is to analyse various barriers and problems faced by rural Indian entrepreneurs, as well as to find the impact of these problems on the working efficiency of those entrepreneurs who are living in rural area. This research also focus on to reconnoitre various aspects of rural entrepreneurship and its emphasized on the profile of rural entrepreneurs, identifying the motivation behind their entrepreneurial career, and pinpointing the problems they are facing with Indian perspective.

Autor: Dhanashree Katekhaye, Robert MAGDA, Farheen Naz

Vydanie: 2020/2     Strany: 20-28     Klasifikácia JEL: M1,R0,O1

Kľúčové slová: Rural, entrepreneurship, motivation, challenges, Maharashtra, India


Dr.Dhanashree Katekhaye
Szent Istvan University,Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,
H-2100 Godollo, Pater Karoly str. 1

Dr.Robert Magda
Szent Istvan University,Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,
H-2100 Godollo, Pater Karoly str. 1
North-West University, South Africa

Farheen Naz
Szent Istvan University,Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,
H-2100 Godollo, Pater Karoly str. 1


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